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Retail Means Perpetual Reinvention

With CES 2020 behind us, we have a clear slogan: Only the tech-forward survive!

Shopping has become a modern-day sport. Whether you’re the consumer on the hunt for the perfect product or the retailer/brand gathering loyal customers with the right message at the right time and place. Both hunters and gatherers have new toolsets to meet ever-changing shopping expectations.

The High Retailing Summit coalesces — on emerging technologies to help the hunters and gatherers increase efficiencies, sales, and customer

Retail Takeaways:

Stores Get Physical

Yet it’s been an exceptional year for physical stores. Online native brands from mattress companies to fashion and makeup vendors are zealously staking out a physical presence. New experiences in malls, arenas and other venues use technology to gather data about real-time customer interactions and create appealing experiences melding online and offline presence. Saatva Mattress, Neutrogena and Meijer Department Stores, Sally Beauty and Ulta were just a few examples.

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