Retail is dead; long live retail. Brick and mortar retail is being resuscitated by an unlikely rescuer … online stores. Finding it increasingly difficult to make a buck shipping and returning goods, some of the trendiest online stores are finding better branding opportunities, better margins and increased sales IRL.  The new Amazon Book stores are inviting and do a great job of mimicking the web experience, right down to reviews and “if you like this you’ll like this” organization. AdoreMe, an online lingerie company is opening stores and hoping to unseat Victoria’s Secret. Warby Parker stores, founded three years after the company began its online store have been a huge success. Bonobos, Blue Nile, Everlane and Away all have booming presences where customers know they’ll be treated a unique experience. For Away, buying it’s high tech chargeable luggage means walking into a store that feels like a travel adventure . Untuckit, the online phenomena, plans the opening of 100 retail stores this year. We sure hope our city retail streetscapes start teaming with new life!  (Note to landlords; ease up on the rents, will ya?)