2018 News Coverage

//2018 News Coverage

Walk 10,000 Steps? Spend $10,000 Dollars? It’s All the Same to your New Fitness Band

The set of people who want to know how many steps they’ve walked each day is finite. Chances are, if you’re counting steps you already own a FitBit, Garmin, Samsung or other fitness wearable. Read More

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CES serves up a gold mine of self-serve retail innovation

As consumer technology brings new conveniences, retailers and brands are finding they have to work harder to stay on top of emerging innovations. Those attending the recent CES event in Las Vegas found a gold mine of self-service products designed to help retailers and brands stay relevant as e-commerce continues to grab more of the retail [...]

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Retail Innovation Lounge Partners With Living In Digital Times At CES2018

kwolia, a strategic advisory firm for connection + curation + communication, announced that the Retail Innovation Lounge has partnered with Living in Digital Times’ High-Tech Retailing program at CES 2018 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Jan. 9-12. READ MORE

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Selling Technology by Befriending Your Customers

At this year’s CES, I had the enjoyment of talking with Robin Raskin at the High-Tech Selling Summit. In our fireside chat, I outlined a few of the essential trends for offering innovation with technology.It’s obvious that most consumers include innovation in their shopping experiences. 92%of today’s buyers want an “omnichannel”shopping experience implying that [...]

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