CES 2020’s High Tech Retailing Summit brings together the brands, retailers, and technologies that are transforming modern retail.

The new retail is: Experiential, Data-driven and efficient. And it’s 24/7.

Join us at CES, the epicenter of innovation where we’ll dive into how mixed reality, 5G, IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence, contextual searching, voice assistants, unattended retail and robots everywhere are taking retail to new levels. Join us where tech and retail meet to create the future.

Topics for 2020

  • Unattended Retail: Holy Grail or Holy Hell?
  • Neuropsych and The Retail Environment

  • 5G at Retail

  • VR and AR: Experience the Retail Difference

  • Display Signage
  • Payment Systems
  • Frictionless Shopping
  • Voice and Visual Search Techniques
  • Clicks to Bricks and Bricks to Clicks
  • New Paths to Loyalty
  • Robots at Retail
  • CE Retail Looks Forward
  • Beauty, Fashion, Furnishings and What Can be Learned
  • How AI, data analytics and the science of prediction is changing retail

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Great content; cutting edge, clearly delivered and accessible post-event for resonance! Quality speakers! Great team! CES is worth it because of you.

Heidi Forbes Oste, 2BalanceU
This is the most leading-edge conference on retail. All of the latest technologies are being addressed and
you are located in the midst of all of the great CES technology.
Maureen Conners, Conners Consulting

More than ever, quality time and information are two vital assets. LIDT conferences consistently deliver on both. Looking forward to my next LIDT event.

Andreas Wuerfel, METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars

The proliferation of technology means that retailers need to stay current on what is a must-have versus a flash in a pan. The High Tech Retailing Summit is the place for retailers to learn how technology will change their business and adapt accordingly.

Michelle Grant, Euromonitor International