Phil Gomes is a senior vice president of U.S. B2B Digital at Edelman. He has more than 20 years of experience in promoting and integrating new and emerging technologies, working in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where he currently resides. He is a founding fellow and advisory board member for The Conference Board’s Society for New Communications Research and the director of communications for the Chicago Blockchain Center, a public/private partnership.

Known for industry “firsts,” Phil is widely considered to be the first PR professional to start a blog (2001) and the first to describe and demonstrate the value of blockchain technology in communications (2015). Phil also co-founded Corporate Representatives for Ethical Wikipedia Engagement (CREWE), a group of PR professionals and Wikipedians who seek to cooperate in the public interest of accurate articles about corporations and organizations.

At Edelman, Phil has counseled clients across all of the firm’s practices and markets worldwide. In this role, Phil challenges teams and companies to engage with online communities in ways that are compelling, persuasive, and parallel with “digital citizenship” expectations.

During his near-decade in Silicon Valley prior to joining Edelman, Phil worked with some of the storied region’s most innovative companies and even helped guide clients to win the Technology Pioneers Programme Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Twice.

Phil has been exploring blockchain technology since 2014, open source software since 1994, and keeps a clandestine Linux machine under his desk at work, because reasons.