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USA Technologies’ Maeve McKenna Duska and Amelia Powell to Speak at The Digital Money Forum 2018, High Tech Retail Summit 2018 and The Retail Innovation Lounge

As a growing number of retailers consider the benefits of self-serve and unattended retail technologies, USA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:USAT), a premier payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-serve retail markets, today announced its participation in three events discussing retail innovation during the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) January [...]

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Retail Innovation Lounge Partners With Living In Digital Times At CES2018

kwolia, a strategic advisory firm for connection + curation + communication, announced that the Retail Innovation Lounge has partnered with Living in Digital Times’ High-Tech Retailing program at CES 2018 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Jan. 9-12.   Read More

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