CES brings the leaders in connected retailers, the retailers seeking technological solutions, and the retail tech providers together for the right connections.

What You’ll Learn

  • How AI, AR and VR are transforming the customer experience
  • How to build systems that engage and retain customers
  • How to create an experiential shopping destination
  • How to create inventory and distribution efficiencies
  • Newest tools for training salesforce
  • Creating strong customer loyalty programs
  • Using technology to help sell consumer electronics
  • Robots and Retail
  • Creating a Retail Ecosystem

Who Attends

  • Retailers
  • Buyers
  • Hardware and Display Manufacturers

  • POS and Payments Systems
  • Analysts and Investors
  • Marketing Firms and Ad Agencies
  • E-Commerce Community
  • Big Data Analytics Companies
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Graphics display community
  • Boutique marketing firms
  • Consultants, and more

To reserve your space, contact:

CES Sales and Business Development
[email protected]

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